Happy New Year 2023

Welcome back to our website.

I have dedicated the past 19 days to list all our merchandise on our online platforms and make sure all our inventory local and online is up to date.

I have also been studying Social Media accounts and vendors to see what new styles I want to add this year to our collections. (Stay tuned and be checking our website, new items on the wayπŸ›)

As some of you may know I also LOVE to resell, or "Flip" EUC clothing, shoes and handbags so I will be adding a special category for some of these items to our website this year, what the heck and why not?

It has and means alot to me to learn more about sustainability and doing as much as possible to work on our health and safety and the environment of our planet.

Making sure our fabrics, bags and jewelry do not contain toxic chemicals or non-compliant safe metals. Β 

Selling used fashion is growing more and more and is becoming a way of life for millions of fashionistas. Knowing what we are bringing into our homes is very important to our environment.

Our store retail items these past three years I have focused more and more on purchasing and selling higher quality designs and fashion, excellent fabrics and items that will be treasured and worn for many years to come. Making every conscience effort possible to purchase as many of our products as possible made in the USA.

If I could choose one word to describe the many styles in our collections it would be CLASSIC. Items that never lose their style or become outdated. Building a classic and valuable closet is a great idea.

I want all our customers to be able to wear our beautiful pieces forever and ever.

Our local brick and mortar boutique Son Paises is now two weeks away from celebrating 9 years in business and I can't believe it. I feel so blessed and so grateful to tell the story. These years really flew on by.

Thanks so much to ALL our beautiful customers and especially to God who has always kept my spirits up and kept my "no quit resilient ol stubborn self" together even when times have been difficult and they have been difficult many many times. Staying in business in a small community all these years feels really incredible πŸ™πŸ»

Looking forward to serving you ALL this coming year and I wish each and all who stop by a beautiful, safe and happy New Year,

π™‘π™€π™«π™š π˜Όπ™£π™–β€οΈ





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