How it began

The story behind our boutique happened like this.

In 2011 in search of a strand of brown pearls I logged on to the fairly new EBay application.

I made the purchase without the slightest idea where my faux pearl necklace was coming from.

When the package arrived the box immediately got my attention as it was wrapped in a white linen cloth and tied with rope. Impressed and taken back from what I thought was the coolest package ever, it was exciting to see that it came from India.

I knew on that day I was about to make that box my new hobby.

So I walked over to my husband that day with the box still in my hands and told him of my new plan. He kinda gave me that husband uncertain look but he never said don’t do it. It really is a blessing to have the most supportive husband.

Son Países means different countries, and it seemed to be a nice name for a business and the story right? I mentally named my business on the spot that same day but didn’t tell anyone. 

I sold my pieces from home and even at some of my friends homes and we would all host jewelry parties the first two years. Amazing and a blessing to me that some of those same friends are still my customers and even more special they are still my friends. 

In 2013, I discovered another fairly new app called POSHMARK. This application has helped me really gain more experience and learn like never before what it was like to sell fashion on a larger scale. The experience and many other fellow entrepreneurs and new friendships on this application have helped kept me motivated all these years and it continues to teach me something new everyday.

I love to find unique and great quality jewelry pieces and have always made sure to find pieces that are affordable for all women’s budgets. 

Finding classic and mostly solid color styles in clothing has always been my personal preference however we do offer, follow and add trending styles  to compliment all womens different fashion needs and their own personal styles. 

Our local brick and mortar store opened February 1st, 2014 and we are currently celebrating 8 years in business this year 2022.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this story and would like to know and read more about our business in the future, feel free to send topic ideas too. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

and mostly thank you so much for stopping by 




PS: You can also find Son Paises on social media on our Instagram pages @sonpaises and @sonpaises.com_  and on Facebook also @sonpaises and last but not least on @Poshmark @sonpaises 

PSS: In case anyone has wondered, my passion for fashion started as a young child, to be continued…..

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